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Professional Experience

Taking action towards change is never easy and in many ways we have to be ready. This can be a process of exploration over time.. to prepare and gather information and resources, and begin the process of experimenting in small steps forward. I see clients within the systemic conditions within which they navigate, and their unique lived histories and experiences. I support the exploration and self awareness of dynamic healing and growth on their path of valued based growth.

I am a Registered Social Worker offering therapy for teens and adults with over 20 years of experience. 

I also offer clinical supervision to newer and experienced therapists, and practicum students. I have fulfilled certification as a  Yoga Teacher and teach privately and in groups. With the additional training in LiFeForce Yoga (the specific application for mental health settings) I incorporate appropriate skills and practices to help clients manage mood and disregulation.


After 15 years working at The University of Waterloo in Counselling and Psychological Services  I partnered with Karen and Bill James-Abra and we opened The Space Within.  The Space Within has now  partnered with RGA Psychotherapy and Counselling Services. As I move forward in this new partnership, we will continue to ensure quality services for our community and an environment that allows practitioners to thrive.

I am not accepting new clients at this time. However, I can facilitate referral resources and options.

Yoga and Meditation:
Chair Yoga for Seniors can be accessed through OneCare Stratford. This class continues virtually into Winter 2023. Contact One Care for registration information:  1-877-502-8277

Mindfulness groups and classes:
please forward your interest in receiving an updated newsletter with 2023 updates for upcoming programs:

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