Professional Experience

Taking action towards change is never easy and in many ways we have to be ready. This can be a process of exploration over time.. to prepare and gather information and resources, and begin the process of experimenting in small steps forward. I see clients within the systemic conditions within which they navigate, and their unique lived histories and experiences. I support the exploration and self awareness of dynamic healing and growth on their path of valued based growth.

I am a Registered Social Worker offering therapy for teens and adults. 

I also offer clinical supervision to newer and experienced therapists. I have fulfilled certification as a  Yoga Teacher and teach privately and in groups. As a LiFeForce Yoga Practitioner (the specific application for mental health settings) I incorporate appropriate skills and practices to help clients manage mood challenges. After 15 years working at The University of Waterloo in Counselling and Psychological Services  I partnered with Karen and Bill James-Abra and we co-own The Space Within. We are celebrating 8 years with multidisciplinary practitioners,  all who offer the community a space to heal, to grow and to connect.

January 2022
I continue to follow provincial and local health guidelines and recommendations. At the moment therapy appointments or yoga and meditation offerings are virtual.

My availability is limited as I am choosing to reduce my practice hours. New clients may be accepted depending on availability. However, I also supervise, and actively support and refer to new professionals as they establish their practices, or students on their practicum, under my supervision. Please contact me for referral information.

As 2022 unfolds, I offer my heartfelt wish for  your safety, and well being.
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