Professional Experience
Summer Fall 2021:

Taking action towards change is never easy and in many ways we have to be ready. This can be a process of exploration over time.. to prepare and gather information and resources, and begin the process of experimenting in small steps forward. I see clients within the systemic conditions within which they navigate, and their unique lived histories and experiences. I support the exploration and self awareness of dynamic healing and growth on a path of meaning and purpose.

I am a clinical social worker, a Certified Yoga Teacher and LiFeForce Yoga Practitioner, Mentor and Faculty Member. After working at  The University of Waterloo in Counselling and Psychological Services for over 15 years, I co-own the The Space Within where I offer psychotherapy, lead workshops and classes and guide mindful meditation sessions.

Summer 2021
I continue to follow provincial and local health guidelines. I anticipate slowly reopening my practice to in-person sessions. Virtual appointments will continue to be offered as an option.

My availability is limited as I am choosing to reduce my practice hours. New clients may be accepted depending on availability. However, I also supervise, actively supporting and referring to new professionals as they establish their practices, or students on their practicum, under my supervision. Please contact me for referral information.

I am extending my heartfelt wish for  your safety, good health and peace.
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